(OLNEY) In this week’s Richland County Farm Bureau rainfall report for the past week. With the reporting period ending at 8:00 this past Monday morning, the county’s highest total was one inch and nine tenths (1.90) in Decker Township, followed by one inch and five tenth (1.50) in Madison Township and one inch & four tenths (1.40) in one of the Claremont Township sites. Then Noble, Olney, & Bonpas Townships each had one inch & three tenths (1.30), followed by German Township and the other Claremont Township site each at one inch even (1.00) and Denver Township and the Farm Bureau Office in Olney each at nine tenths (0.90) of an inch. The county’s lowest amount of rainfall recorded was in Preston Township at a half inch (0.50) of rain. Here at the WVLN-WSEI National Weather Service weather station, we recorded just over one inch and three tenths (1.31) during the week.